Termite Reticulation Systems

At Pre Con Pest we supply and install the Altis Termite Reticulation System. We believe this is one of the most flexible and adaptable termite reticulation systems available. It can be used as part of the pre-construction termite management program for commercial and domestic projects. It can also be custom designed to be used around existing buildings. Simple, cost effective, tested and proven the Altis Termite Reticulation System is a unique patented delivery system used to form a chemical treated zone around or under a building. This system is easy to install and has low installation costs. It is ideally suited for upgrading existing termite management systems as well as for use in renovation projects.

Benefits of Reticulated Termite Systems over traditional liquid termiticide treated zones

​Termite reticulation systems are suitable for both pre and post construction projects. Secondly they are replenishable Termite Management Systems that are quickly and easily installed. The system is replenished periodically. The pump up period will usually be around five to eight years depending on the type and concentration of the chemical used. A long term, cost effective alternative to other forms of Termite Management Whole of Home Protection for the ‘Life of the Building’ Is a Primary Termite Management System and not just a secondary Termite Management System Has the necessary BCA approval and Code Mark certification Will eliminate future disruption and exposure to site owners & tenants when termiticides are applied. Eliminates environmental concerns in relation to potential exposure to spray drift during termiticide application. Future proof your investment. Termite reticulation systems can be used to distribute new and more environmentally friendly chemicals as they become available.

Advantages of Altis over other brands of termite reticulation systems

The Altis Termite Reticulation System is an Australian invention, patented in Perth Western Australia. It was the first reticulation system approved by the NRA and the first reticulation system to be included on a chemical label. Altis was also one of the first reticulation systems to obtain Code Mark approval. ​Code Mark certification shows that a building product has been tried, tested and proven to meet the requirements of the building code of Australia. In this case the termite management system must last the life time of the building (fifty years).


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