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Termite Reticulation Systems was established over 20 years ago. We were the first in Western Australia to specialise in the physical, baiting & termite reticulation termite barriers. Also it has taken all this time to set up the infrastructure to educate architects and builders in our new termite barrier methods.

We are proud of our achievements to give our clients a safer and more effective life of the building termite barrier.

The reason for these major changes in the termite barrier field was that the strong and persistent in the soil spraying chemicals were banned in Australia. The replacement chemicals have a short and finite life. So we were the first in Western Australia to make drastic changes to our method of applying new type termite barriers that would last the life of the building. We have been highly successful and have tackled many large and small projects all over Western Australia. We believe our installers are the most efficient in our field of expertise.

We understand that all situations are not the same, and our service reflects the varying needs of our clients.

All of our work is fully insured, and our installers are trained in every possible way to give a complete termite barrier installation. On some building sites we have to think out of the square depending on the type of problems that can occur on building sites. The aim is to deter and stop the termite forces entering the building via concealed entry.

The Team

Martin Kearney


Owner of Termite reticulation systems and Consultant with Pest Cure & Pre Con Pest With over 28 years in the Pre Construction termite management business Contact martin@termitereticulationsystems.com.au 0424983949 PHD: 586

Andrew Burkhill


Owner operator of Pest Cure and Pre Con Pest. With seven years working in an independent pest management business, specialising in commercial and residential pest control. Now branching out into pre-construction termite management. Before entering the pest management field Andrew has over 25 years in medical science. Working mainly in Medical Microbiology Laboratories. Having a scientific back ground has given me a very good understanding of termite ecology and the termiticides(chemicals) used.


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