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We specialise in three main areas of termite treatments:

  • Termite reticulation systems
  • The installation and supply of termite reticulation systems
  • The re-charging or pump up of existing termite reticulation systems


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    Termite Management Systems

    The installation and supply of termite reticulation systems. The re-charging or pump up of existing termite reticulation systems

    Termite Reticulation Systems

    A termite reticulation system is a collection of below-ground piping that’s positioned around a home. Its function is to supply a continuous type of security against termites. The advantages, of course, are that it can be renewed repetitively with a termiticide-- via specialised equipment and pumps.

    Term Seal Pre Construction Solutions

    Termite physical obstacle systems have come to be as much of a necessity as any physical precaution. If you have lately come face to face with the problem of protecting a recently constructed extension of your house or a recently gotten home with termite therapy, TERM-seal is the best solution for you.

    Termite Baiting Systems

    Termite baiting systems are actually termite monitoring and baiting systems. Plastic lure stations having wood attractive to termites are placed in the ground around the residential property. The concept of a termite monitoring, as well as baiting system, is that termites are intercepted at the surveillance stations before reaching your house.

    Termite Insurance

    The Bad News: You cannot insure your home against termite damage with insurance companies in Australia. This is because the risk is too high. Even if you have a steel-structured roof or treated timber roof, sure the termite will not attack the structure of your home, but the termites will attack your timber or laminate flooring on concrete. Also, your kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanity cupboards, even good quality carpets with a woven base have been attacked by termites. Also referred to as white ants, these have been known to attack some plastics if in the processing cellulose is added into the mix.

    The Good News: So the only logical type of insurance is a physical or rechargeable termite reticulation system, spraying chemical onto the soil has a short infinite life, usually around 5 to 10 years depending on what brand of chemicals are used, you only get one chance to protect your new home at the construction stage!

    Why choose us

    Pre Con Pest termite protection is available for both commercial and domestic projects. We are here to help with new builds and renovations. Please contact us for all your renovation needs. No job is too small.

    Penetration Collars

    These are used for termite and water proofing pipe penetrations in concrete slabs. Collars are fixed to the pipe penetrations using TERM-Seal Sealant Active. The chemical embedded in the sealant will repel and kill any termites which come into contact with it and also provide a waterproof seal. The collars are permanently sealed into the concrete slab and will physically block termites from following pipework under the concrete. Where termite penetration collars are not installed termites can easily enter via gaps around pipes and gain access to any timber floor coverings and other wooden features in the building.

    Term-Seal Active: Termite Pre Construction Solutions

    TERM-seal has developed a wide range of versatile products which enables an integrated termite solution that can address every construction scenario. Our technicians are accredited TERM-seal installers. TERM – seal termite management solutions include: Slab Penetration Collars Physical Termite Barriers (Blankets) Paint-able Solutions Cavity expansion foam

    Term-Seal PRM Active Is A Poly Re-Enforced Membrane.

    The termite blanket contains the active termite control agent bifenthrin. The triple layer sheet barrier is used to form a continuous water proof and termite resistant barrier. It is used around the cavity perimeter and construction joints of new slab-on-ground structures. It not only protects against Termites but also provides moisture protection. Tested and approved by CSIRO for use as a Termite & Damp-course barrier combination for installation across cavities or as a termite & vapour barrier combination for full under-slab installations.

    Termite-Water Proofing Paintable Solutions

    TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active is a highly engineered acrylic polymer based coating. When cured it forms a seamless, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof membrane. TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active contains the active control agent Bifenthrin, which kills and repels Termites. When used in conjunction with TERM-seal TM Reo-Band waterproofing reinforced seals at the base of walls can be achieved. One product, one construction process, two forms of protection! TERM-seal multi purpose can be applied by brush, roller or heavy duty airless spray gun.

    Cavity Foam Solutions

    We can use an expansion foam which is impregnated with a termite active to keep termites from entering the wall cavities. The expansion foam is a two-component polyurethane settable foam specially engineered for use in building situations. Perfect for filling gaps, fissures and cavities. Initially dispensed as a two-part liquid, TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major undergoes an exothermic reaction to create a settable, Termite resistant and waterproof barrier. This can be combined with TERM-seal PRM Active, TERM-seal Sealant Active and TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active for the perfect full block barrier and cavity filler below the damp-course.

    Termite Monitoring And Baiting

    If you have termites in your timbers, termite baiting is one of the best ways to remove them. By attaching a bait box on a termite lead, termite workers will take the bait back to the nest and therefore eliminate the colony. The bait is not poisonous but contains a growth hormone which stops the termites from molting. Therefore preventing them from growing to the next stage in their life cycle. It is a very safe and ecofriendly method as no toxic chemicals are used and other insects & animals are not affected.

    Our Projects



    • South Perth Hospital (Termite Reticulation System: Addition)
    • Kunnunara Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers: Additions)
    • South Hedland Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers)
    • Derby Hospital (Termite Reticulation System & Physical Barriers)
    • Broome Hospital (Termite Reticulation)
    • Northam Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers: Additions)
    • Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers; )
    • Ravensthorp Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers: Additions)
    • Peel Health Medical Centre Mandurah (Physical Termite Barriers)
    • Fremantle Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers: Additions)
    • Bentley Hospital (Physical Termite Barriers: Additions)


    • Cannington Medical Centre (Termite Reticulation System)
    • Wickepin Medical Centre (Physical Termite Barriers
    • Morley Medical And Dental Health Centre (Physical Termite Barriers)
    • Midland Medical Health Centre (Physical Termite Barriers)


    • New Onslow Primary School (Physical Termite Barriers)
    • Year 7 Classrooms In Several Schools (Physical Termite Barriers)
    • Mercedies College Perth (Termite Reticulation Systems)
    • Aquinas College Various Buildings (Termite Reticulation Systems)
    • St Marks School Hillarys (Physical And Termite Reticulation Barriers)
    • Girls Collage Beaufort Street Inglewood (Termite Reticulation Systems)
    • South Perth Primary School (Physical Termite Barriers)


    • Taxation Department Cannington (termite reticulation system)
    • Dept of Minerals Carlisle (termite reticulation system)
    • Rolystone Fire Station (physical termite barriers)

    Homes With Paving Bricks Around

    The old method of drilling pavers to give access to the soil below to form a continuous termite barrier can be very messy when the vibrating concrete drill hits the paving brick. The brick surface can sometimes shatter leaving an ugly messy hole. Please view our video, even if you try to plug the holes your pavers will possibly still look like an unprofessional job.

    Term Seal Pre Construction Solutions


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